Helena Kelly
Character Information
Name: Helena Kelly
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Relationship Information
Family: Aerin Kelly (younger sister)
Relationships: Kevin (ex-boyfriend)

Harris "Skip" Ingram (affair)

Other Information
Secrets: Had an affair with Mr. Ingram
Status: Deceased
Series Information
First Appearance: The Amateurs

Helena Kelly

Helena Kelly disappeared from her backyard in Dexby, Connecticut and was never heard from again. It is unknown who killed her or why. Seneca Frazier decides to put an end to the case and find out who killed her along with Helena's Sister Aerin, friend Maddy and his friend Brett, and Maddy's sister, Madison.

Helena is known to have kept many secrets, including her relationship with Kevin. Kevin used Helena to be his "mask," so people would never find out that he is actually gay. Helena, however, was also using Kevin to cover up her own secret relationship. Later on, Aerin discovers that Helena had a secret affair with Mr. Ingram, Heath Ingram's father.

Helena began to "date" Kevin during the time of her sudden change. Helena began to dress differently and act differently.

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